Vision & Mission

The core mission of EM Normandie is to keep pace with continuous change. EM Normandie in Dubai aims to accomplish this through the following initiatives:

  • Train students and executives who can take up the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow, make decisions, and work in a professional environment marked by uncertainty,
  • Be involved with its extended regional environment (UAE and Middle East) while expanding horizons to France and Europe via its European student and professional networks,
  • Advance the frontiers of knowledge through academic research that relates to business practice in the workplace,
  • Offer a progressive education that combines a digital focus, teamwork and the humanities,
  • Provide lifelong career orientation and support thanks to an enlarged network of partner Emirati, French and European organisations and alumni,
  • Show due ethical respect for human, regional and cultural differences while promoting social and economic friendship and win–win partnerships.

Our Vision

To have an impacting role in the UAE by combining the best practices of the French and international education systems to prepare the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become responsible corporate citizens and actors of a sustainable world: free to think, free to learn, free to create.

Our Values

True to its Norman roots (LOYALTY), since its foundation EM Normandie has continually innovated and been a pioneer (BOLDNESS and FORTITUDE)


  • Openness to others and the world,
  • An ability to seize opportunities, to conquer, to be a visionary and an innovator, to interact with the world in all its complexity,
  • Daring to be true to oneself.


  • Integrity, respect for others, a sense of devotion, solidarity, honour,
  • Ethics, transparency, social responsibility, empathy,
  • Collaborative spirit, team spirit.


Commitment, taking up several challenges simultaneously, standing by one’s choices, consistency, rigour, and hard work.