Who are we

Students studying at EM Normandie can be assured that they will receive top education from top business experts.

EM Normandie is committed to a new way of thinking, to develop and evolve to have a positive environmental and societal impact by 2030. It is working with its stakeholders, staff, students, institutions and partners to enact this change.

Strong International Presence

EM Normandie comprises six campuses:Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Dubai, Dublin and Oxford with a plan for two new branch campuses in Vietnam in 2024 and the Americas in 2025. It is home to an international community of more than 6,000 students and a network with more than 23,000 alumni worldwide.

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Recognised for delivering highly employable graduates

The EM Normandie experience is a real passport to employment. Locally and internationally recognised by its international partners, its relationship with leading employers globally acknowledges the credible value of an EM Normandie degree. The University is passionate about developing well-rounded, highly employable graduates ready to make a difference on a regional and global level.

EM Normandie ranks among the top Business Schools in the world, with the majority of students employed within six months after graduating*.

  • 95% net employment rate
  • 89% of graduates in employment found a job within 4 months
  • 61% of graduates in employment found a job before graduation
  • 1 graduate out of 2 is involved in international activities
  • 3 graduates out of 4 are satisfied with their 1st job
  • 90% are satisfied with the training received at EM Normandie
  • 80% are pursuing further studies
  • 75% of whom joined the EM Normandie Master in Management
  • 81% of whom are in work-study programme

*Data as per the Graduate Employment Survey carried out for 2021 graduates of the Bachelor’s in International Management on behalf of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)
by EM Normandie and the EM Normandie Alumni Network between February and March 2022.

Exceptional Learning Experience

EM Normandie is known for its exceptional learning experiences, ensuring its graduates stand out. The following learning features are included in the curriculum:

Business Game

The Business Game is a cloud-based project. Students work in teams in a real-life competitive environment to create a company and manage up to 8 years of activity under the guidance and supervision of a mentor.

International Business Challenge

The International Business Challenge is a junior consultancy project in partnership with companies and international universities. Under the guidance of an expert mentor, students will work in groups to resolve a real business issue submitted by a partner company.

EM Normandie is the only institution in the UAE to offer this experience.