EM Normandie programmes

Learning by doing

Discover project-based learning made by EM Normandie. Benefit from the expertise of high-level professor-researchers. Alone or in a team, constantly compare your theoretical knowledge with the reality of the field thanks to collaborative challenges, consulting missions, business games, case studies, roleplay games, visits with professionals, etc.

Offering you engaging educational experiences is as much a part of the EM Normandie Experience, along with expatriation, associative projects, in-company and student life experiences.

During your training, gain experience, develop your skills and enhance the attractiveness of your CV.

Innovative teaching methods

EM Normandie explores new ways of learning on a daily basis to offer students immersive, interactive, gamified and personalised classes. Integrate EdTech into your learning with augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence. 

Sharpen your management expertise by analysing a famous series. Take part in courses with students from other universities on the other side of the world. Test your logistical skills by participating in an Escape Game.