Academic calendar

EM Normandie offers a differentiated pedagogy, revolutionised by digital technology and focused on the learning experience of our students. With a strong focus on international openness and professional and personal development, all learning is conducted to promote creativity, experimentation and sharing.  

The aim is to enable you to cultivate the hard and soft skills you need to build your future career and position yourself as a global changemaker. 

Fall 2023 (September 2023- December 2023)

Start date End date Event
Thursday, 31st August, 2023 Friday, 1st September, 2023 Orientation and Induction
Monday 4th September, 2023 Monday 4th September, 2023 Teaching Commences
Monday 25th September, 2023 Monday 25th September, 2023 Last Day to enroll/withdraw
Wednesday 27th September, 2023 Wednesday 27th September, 2023 Prophet’s Birthday*
Monday 23rd October, 2023 Friday 27th October, 2023 Midterm exams
Thursday 30th November, 2023 Saturday 2nd December, 2023 Commemoration Day and National day*
Monday 18th December 2023 Wednesday 20th December, 2023 Final Exams
Thursday 21st December, 2023 Thursday 21st December, 2023 Semester Ends
Saturday 23rd December, 2023 Saturday 23rd December, 2023 Release of exams

Spring 2024 (January 2024- April 2024)

Start date End date Event
Monday 1st January, 2024 Monday 1st January, 2024 New Year’s Day
Monday 8th January, 2024 Monday 8th January, 2024 Teaching Commences
Monday 26th February, 2024 Friday 1st March,2024 Midterm exams
Monday 11th March, 2024 Monday 8th April, 2024 Holy Month of Ramadan*
Monday 1st April, 2024 Friday 5th April, 2024 Easter Break
Monday 8th April, 2024 Friday 12th April, 2024 Eid and Easter Break
Monday 22nd April, 2024 Friday 26th April, 2024 Final Exams
Saturday 27th April, 2024 Saturday 27th April, 2024 Semester Ends
Friday 3rd May, 2024 Friday 3rd May, 2024 Release of exams

Summer 2024 (May 2024- June 2024)

Start date End date Event
Monday 6th May,2024 Monday 6th May,2024 Teaching Commences
Thursday 30th May,2024 Friday 31st May, 2024 Midterm exams
Monday 17th June,2024 Tuesday 18th June, 2024 Eid Al Adha holidays*
Thursday 27th June,2024 Friday 28th June, 2024 Final Exams
Saturday 29th June,2024 Saturday 29th June,2024 Semester Ends
Friday 4th July,2024 Friday 4th July,2024 Release of exams

*Subject to change based on public announcement of holidays

The 2022-2024 academic year at EM NORMANDIE IN THE UAE starts on August 31st 2023 and ends on June 29th 2024. It comprises 33 weeks for classes, 2 weeks for examination, 7 weeks of breaks and 9 weeks of summer vacation.

The calendar follows the French system of studies organisation. National and religious Holidays such as the UAE National Day, the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eïd Al Adha and other religious celebrations will be fixed according to the decisions made the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE.

The details of the academic calendar are listed in the document below:

Census date

EM NORMANDIE IN THE UAE applies the French learning system where courses of a given semester or a given year must be all taken and validated to validate a whole semester or a year. As such, a census date does not apply and does not appear on the calendar