EM Normandie


EM Normandie will always be part of their graduates’ life stories. Graduates can join the EM Normandie Alumni Association on a life membership basis, allowing them to join a network of more than 23,000 members in over 100 countries. The EM Normandie Alumni Network will keep students connected with their alma mater and enable them to develop connections through networking opportunities, events and other activities.



EM Normandie Alumni and Students Association has 23,000 members in about 100 countries. Its main missions are:

  • To offer a range of services and support students and graduates throughout their study and career paths
  • To foster meetings and exchanges between members around the world
  • To arouse the School’s reputation and promote its degrees




lifetime members

of graduates as entrepreneurs since 2014

As you enter the School, you have the option to join the EM Normandie Alumni Association on a life membership basis. You will then benefit from a range of services via a collaborative website:

  • An on-line Directory
  • Internship offers, cooperative contracts and employment customised for you 
  • Personalised support for graduates (mentoring)
  • Professional and social meetings between students and alumni during events in France and abroad (Annual Gala Night, Business Drinks, talks,…)
  • Take advantage of meetings, business and career opportunities thanks to numerous events
  • Foster cross-generational meetings by addressing students (mentoring, courses, meetings,…)
  • Access the EM Normandie Alumni collaborative website: directory, employment offers, news, …
  • Take part in promoting the School across the world by upholding the EM Normandie spirit 

5 reasons why join the EM Normandie Alumni Association

  • Stay in contact with the members of your class
  • Check employment opportunities on the Association website
  • Benefit from personalised support during and after your study path (career Path Scheme, mentoring,…)
  • Take part in the Association’s professional and social events
  • Get advice from alumni and share your own experience with students