Student services

Studying at EM Normandie provides students with the opportunity to complete their knowledge in management, meet students of multiple nationalities, and discover France and the richness of its heritage and culture while expanding their network beyond borders.

Sharing a campus with numerous nationalities, students will enjoy a vibrant campus life filled with various recreational activities and events.

The Dubai Knowledge Park campus offers the following:

  • Outside seating for social interaction
  • Several coffee shops
  • Food court
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacy
  • Supermarket
  • Medical Clinic

To make your educational journey within EM Normandie easier and ensure your personal and professional success, EMN offers relevant services to meet your needs.

Career Services

EM Normandie students in the UAE will benefit from a specific scheme called Parcours Carrière (Career Development) training sessions on job-seeking techniques to facilitate their entry into the labour market.

Student Counseling

EMN offers a professional service to help students resolve personal concerns and acquire the skills, attitudes, abilities, and insight to meet the challenges of student life. Individual counselling is offered in a confidential setting to address issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, interpersonal conflict, stress management, physical/emotional abuse etc.