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EM Normandie’s primary purpose is to inspire and train the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become stakeholders in a sustainable world. Students studying at EM Normandie can be assured that they will receive a quality education from top business experts.

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Founded in 1871 as one of the first French “Grandes Écoles”, EM Normandie is one of the top 1% of business schools holding triple accreditation in the world. EM Normandie draws on its experience and its vision of the future to offer its students the best learning experience. The School’s purpose is to train students to meet the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow. Its aims at inspiring and training the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow to become actors of a sustainable world: free to think, free to learn, free to create. Discover the EM Normandie experience.

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Associate Professor of Management Strategy

    Strategy & entrepreneurship
    Strategic management
    2003 : PhD in Commence, Kurukshetra University, India


Anu Vij is an Associate Professor of Management Strategy and she joined EM Normandie in 2023. She holds a Ph.D. in Commerce from Kurukshetra University India, obtained in 2003. Her thesis analyses the impact of comparative advertising strategy on consumers’ brand choices. Her research focuses on marketing strategies and management practices. Her publications are related to consumer behavior, marketing management, and general management practices in the service sectors. She has been actively involved in devising innovative practices to integrate technology, industry practices, and education for effective student engagement and enhanced transfer of learning. Anu has taught at Skyline University College Sharjah, Aldar University College Dubai, and in Colleges with Kurukshetra University India. She has also worked in Business Development with Nelito Systems Private Limited, India, a group company of DTS Corporation Japan.

Professional experience

Since 2023: Associate Professor, EM Normandie
2017-2022: Associate Professor Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE
2013-2017: Assistant Professor Al Dar University College, Dubai, UAE
2009-2013: Assistant Professor, Skyline University College, Sharjah
2004-2009: Assistant Professor, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra , India
2002-2004: Lecturer (Business/Applied Sciences) N.C. College of Engineering, Affiliated to Kurukshetra University India

Ikram HILI
Assistant Professor in Languages

Research Coordinator Dubaï

    Foreign Languages & Humanities
    2017 : PhD in Modern American Literature, University of La Manouba, Tunis


Ikram Hili is an Assistant Professor of English Language, Literature, and Translation. She joined EM Normandie in 2023. She holds a Ph.D. in Modern American Literature from the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities of La Manouba, Tunis, awareded in 2017. She is a former Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Indiana University Bloomington IUB and Smith College Massachusetts (2013). She was a postdoctoral fellow at IUB, awarded the 2018 Summer Repository Research Fellowship of the Institute for Advanced Study. Her main fields of interest are 20th Century American Poetry, Modern Manuscript Studies, Archival Work, Culture Studies, Translation, and Business Communication. Hili has taught several subjects ranging from literature, civilization, literary translation, and business translation to business and financial English, academic writing, oral communication, and soft skills. She is also Research Coordinator on Dubaï Campus.

Professional experience

Since 2023: Assistant Professor in Languages and Research Coordinator, EM Normandie
2022-2023: Adjunct Professor in Languages, EM Normandie
2020-2022: Assistant Professor in Languages, University of Sousse, Tunisia
2016-2020: Lecturer, University of Monastir, Tunisia
2010-2016: Professeure Agrégée Principale, University of Sousse, Tunisia

Assistant Professor in Management

Mobility Programs Director Dubaï

    Strategy & entrepreneurship
    Management Strategy
    2016 : PhD in Business Management, Université de Paris-Est


Rabeb Ben Abdallah is an assistant professor of Management. She joined EM Normandie in 2023. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Management from the Université de Paris-Est, awareded in 2016. Her thesis is on the Role of actors’ networks in the structuring of social and solidarity economy, in the context of transition. Her research interests include strategic management, social economy, leadership and sustainable performance, human resources, and organizational behavior. Prior to joining EM Normandie, Rabeb worked in national and international accredited institutions for over seven years, where she has served as a faculty member, a specialization coordinator, and a principal member of the various strategic and accreditation committees, namely AACSB and SACSCOC. She taught various management courses for graduate and undergraduate students, including strategic management, sustainable businesses, small business management, and human resource management. She is also an active researcher who has published several articles in highly indexed international journals.

Professional experience

Since 2023 : assistant professor in management, EM Normandie
2017-2023 : assistant professor in management, College of Business Administration (COBA), American University in the Emirates, UAE
2018-2021 : Coordinator of the Business Management specialization, College of Business Administration (COBA), American University in the Emirates, UAE
2014-2016 : Research member and teaching assistant, Université de Paris-Est
2012-2014 : Assistant Professor, Institute of Higher Commercial Studies, Tunisie

Assistant Professor in Human Resources

Controller of Academic Affairs

    Organisational studies & HR Management
    Human Resources
    2018 : PhD in finance, Université PSL-Paris-Dauphine


Champettil Gopalakrishna Pillai Manojkrishnan is an Assistant Professor in Human Resources and joined EM Normandie in 2023. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management (stress management) from the University of Kanchipuram in India, earned in 2011. His research and teaching areas include critical thinking, consumer behavior, stress management, leadership mindset, and work-life balance. With a notable publication record in Scopus-indexed journals such as the International Journal of Business & Society, the University of Malaysia, and others, he is the author of four books, including “Trust & Values in Pharma Industry” and “Stress Management in I.T Sector.” Recipient of the “Exceptional Contribution to Management Education 2019” award, Manoj is recognized for his networking skills and professional connections with the private sector. He is also a motivation trainer and HR consultant, making significant contributions to the management program at the University of Kerala. Engaged in consulting assignments for both private and public enterprises, Manoj actively participates in alumni associations and professional committees. He also serves as the Controller of Academic Affairs.

Professional experience

Since 2023 : Assistant Professor in Human Resources, Em Normandie
2021-2023 : Professor in RH, Head Corporate Relations & Chairperson, University Of Kerala, India
2014-2021 : Associate Professor in RH, TKM Institute of Management, University Of Kerala, India
2011-2014 : Assistant Professor, TKM Institute of Management, University Of Kerala, India
2006-2011 : Principal / Coordinator, University of Kerala, Institute of Management in Kerala
2002-2006 : Assistant Professor, M S N Institute of Management & Technology, University Of Kerala, India
2001-2002 : General Manager, SML Motors, Piaggio , Cochin, India
2000-2001 : Senior Business Executive et Branch In Charge, International Computer Industries, Kerala

Assitant Professor in Finance

    Law, finance & control
    Financial Analysis International Finance
    2018 : PhD in finance, Université PSL-Paris-Dauphine


Yasmine Essafi Zouari is an Assistant Professor of Finance and she joined EM Normandie in 2022. She holds a PhD in Finance from PSL-Paris-Dauphine University, obtained in 2018. Her thesis analyses the dynamics of residential real estate prices in France. Her research focuses on real estate investment and territorial dynamics. Her publications are related to asset management concepts, portfolio optimization, territorial and real estate dynamics, and inflation. Yasmine has taught at PSL-Paris-Dauphine University, Paris-Est-Créteil University, Ecole Supérieure des Professions Immobilières (ESPI), and the American University in the Emirates (AUE). She has also worked as a market analyst at MeilleursAgents.com and BNP Paribas Real Estate.

Professional experience

Depuis 2022 : Assitant Professor of Finance, EM Normandie
2022 : Assitant Professor of Finance, College of Business Administration COBA, American University in the Emirates
2020-2021 : Assitant Professor of Finance, ESPI

Hela Triki

Hela Triki is a versatile professional with a wide-ranging skill set that encompasses effective time management, financial acumen, confidence, initiative, global awareness, cultural competence, and exceptional interpersonal and networking skills. As the Quality Coordinator and Office Manager for the President at EM Normandie Business School, she plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of operations. 

Previous Experience 

Hela’s career reflects her dedication and versatility across various roles. She previously served as an Administrative Manager and Partner at Sawani Ala Alhatab Restaurant, where she managed daily operations, improved administrative processes, controlled inventory, and handled budgets. 

Her experience as a Business Development Manager at Tradepedia Academy highlighted her strategic expertise in devising market-targeting initiatives. Hela’s insights into stock market investment and proactive client approach significantly contributed to the academy’s success. 

In addition to her managerial roles as Customer Service Manager and Assistant Contracts Manager at Integrated Gas Services,  she also has a rich educational background. She served as a Classroom Teacher at Dubai American Scientific School and as an Administrator and Students Recruitment Manager at Vatel Emirates, where she played a pivotal role in establishing the school, recruiting students, and managing relationships with agents and colleges. Her passion for education is evident from her past positions as a Social Studies Teacher at Dubai American Scientific School and an English Teacher at Mahres School in Sfax, where she prioritised creating engaging learning environments and nurturing students’ academic growth. 


Hela holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language & Literature from Al Ain University, Abu Dhabi, in 2002.  

Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and CRM Systems, Ms Triki possesses a strong command of multiple languages, including Arabic, English, and French. 

Sowmya Vivek

Dr Sowmya is a seasoned quality professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field of quality management within the domain of higher education and banking. Her past 10 years of experience has been in higher education where she held diverse roles including as a faculty and head of quality assurance.

Key Skills & Expertise 

Dr Sowmya Vivek brings to the table a diverse 20 years of international experience having worked in senior management positions in banking and academics in India, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE.

Sowmya Vivek has been Director of Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance at EM Normandie, Dubai Campus since August 2022. In her current role as Director, she is responsible for all aspects of institutional effectiveness and quality assurance including local and international accreditations for EM Normandie Dubai campus.

Dr Sowmya is also an accomplished faculty with experience of training more than 2000 bankers in diverse areas of banking including products, operations and quality.

Previous Experience 

Prior to this position, Dr Sowmya Vivek served as the Head of institutional research at Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies, UAE. Before her foray into higher education Dr Sowmya worked in the banking sector for 8 years in senior management positions primarily in the areas of quality management and operations. She was the head of Quality for ICICI Bank which is the second largest private sector bank in India and also worked as Quality Senior Manager in Gulf Bank, Kuwait.


Dr Sowmya Vivek holds Phd in Management from University of Liverpool, UK. She is also currently pursuing DBA in Quality Management, SP Jain Global School of Management, Australia. A certified lean six sigma black belt she has experience of leading more than 20 six sigma projects in the domain of banking and education. She also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in economics from the University of Delhi, India.

Ayman Chaari

Ayman Chaari is a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the Vice-President of Administrative Affairs and Public Relations at EM Normandie in Dubai. With a rich academic background and extensive experience, Ayman is well-equipped to lead administrative functions and services.  

Key Skills & Expertise 

Mr Chaari’s key skills include his proven track record as a team leader, project and budget management expertise, and a strong understanding of fundamental business principles. He possesses exceptional analytical problem-solving skills and the ability to set overall strategy and drive process improvement.  

In his current role at EM Normandie in the UAE, he oversees various responsibilities, including financial management, HR management, vendor and technology management, and marketing. His financial acumen is evident in his ability to create and implement financial policies and procedures, provide financial analysis and long-term planning, and ensure proper budgetary controls. He is pivotal in fostering partnerships, ensuring smooth project implementation, and managing administrative functions. 

Previous Experience 

Prior to his current position, Mr Chaari served as a Business Development Manager at Mohammad Al Qubaisi Enterprises L.LC in the UAE. In this role, he excelled in market prospection and development, partnership development, bid preparation and negotiation, project implementation, and project management. 


Ayman Chaari holds a Master’s degree in Accounting, Management, and Finance from HEC University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He also has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from Higher Business School in Tunisia. 

His well-rounded education and extensive experience make him a valuable asset in administration, finance, and business development.

Prof. Khaireddine Mouakhar

Prof. Khaireddine Mouakhar, a seasoned professional, currently serves as the Director of EM Normandie’s Dubai Campus and holds the esteemed position of Professor of Strategy. With a solid academic background and an extensive academic career, Prof. Mouakhar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his roles. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

Prof. Mouakhar brings a wealth of skills and experiences to his role as the Director of the EM Normandie campus in Dubai. His career is characterised by strong management of higher education structures and the effective supervision of cross-functional teams. He excels in quality management of higher education procedures, institutional representation, and public relations. Prof. Mouakhar is known for his expertise in creating, developing, and managing higher education programs. His international reach extends to managing partnerships, negotiating strategic contracts in the MENA Zone, and promoting international programs. 

Previous Experience 

Prior to assuming his current role, Prof Mouakhar held several significant positions in academia and management. These roles included serving as the Academic Director of the Bachelor and Associate Professor in Strategy at École de Management de Normandie, where he honed his leadership and strategic thinking skills. Additionally, he functioned as the Training Director and Multimodal Training Project Manager at École de Gestion et de Commerce-Basse Normandie, showcasing his expertise in training management.  

Prof Mouakhar also contributed significantly to the academic and training domains through key positions at Ingenium, Basse Normandie, Université et l’IAE de Rouen, and Polytechnicum de Normandie, reflecting his versatile and well-rounded professional background. 

His rich background and diverse expertise make him an invaluable asset in academia. His commitment to excellence is evident in his achievements and dedication to his roles. 


Prof. Mouakhar holds a PhD in Management Science from the Université de Caen-Normandie. He also has the rank of Captain in the National Defence Reserve with an RCIT designation. He also serves as the Defence-National Guard Referent.  

His research interests include the strategic behaviour of companies, business models, dynamic capabilities, digital transformation and quantitative methods.

Serving as President of Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy, part of AD Ports Group, Dr Yasser Wahedi manages day-to-day operations at the Academy. He is responsible for developing and monitoring procedures and policies to ensure regulatory compliance, and is also charged with devising and implementing the Academy’s overall long-term strategic plans.

Prior to joining AD Ports Group, Dr Al Wahedi garnered more than 16 years’ experience in the field of industrial research and academia.

A seasoned educator, Dr Al Wahedi has taught university programmes to more than 700 students spanning various fields in Engineering. He also supervised and co-supervised numerous graduate students pursuing M.Sc. and PhD.

His research includes authoring and co-authoring more than 40 journal publications including one featured in the prestigious Science.

He has served in several research committees, and held the role of Chief Technology Officer at the Gas Research Center, where he became well versed in establishing research administrative procedures and policies, managing project portfolios valued at USD 32 million, and directly managing research projects worth USD 3.2 million.

A committed and noteworthy inventor, Dr Al Wahedi is a patent holder of two granted patent and three filed patents.

Dr Al Wahedi received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in the United State ranked third over USA in 2015.

Sophie Omnes

Sophie Omnes is currently serving as the General Manager at CMA CGM Abu Dhabi, where she leads a team of professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality logistics and operations solutions to clients in the region. With over ten years of experience in the maritime industry, Sophie has developed a strong expertise in business development, customer relationship management, and intermodal coordination. 

In her current role at CMA CGM, Sophie oversees the company’s operations in Abu Dhabi, ensuring efficiency and excellence in maritime logistics. Her skills include data analysis and leadership, which are pivotal in her role as General Manager. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

Her diverse roles allowed her to develop various skills, including data analysis, customer relationship management, and sales expertise. She is known for her ability to analyse market trends, build strong relationships with agents, work effectively in teams, demonstrate autonomy, and provide insightful reporting. 

Prior to her role in Abu Dhabi, Sophie served as a Business Developer at CMA CGM, focusing on the LEVANT Regional office. Her responsibilities included collecting and interpreting market statistics data, identifying market opportunities, and monitoring the commercial offer and performance of several countries. She also provided training and marketing on additional services proposed by the group. 

Ms Omnes’s career journey has taken her to different parts of the world, including Gabon, where she served as Export and Intermodal Coordinator and Area Manager in Marseille, managing NAF Trade, EPIC, and FAL lines. 

Her career in the maritime industry, coupled with her educational achievements and passion for innovation and sustainability, make her a dynamic and impactful leader in her role as General Manager at CMA CGM Abu Dhabi. Her commitment to excellence continues to drive success in the maritime logistics field. 

Mohammed Al Katheeri

Mohammed Al Katheeri is a meticulous and strategic financial planning, control, and management professional with over eight years of experience in optimising financial operations. In his current role as the Head of Financial Control at Emirates Development Bank, Mohammed Al Katheeri continues to demonstrate his financial acumen by ensuring compliance with global financial standards.  

Key Skills & Expertise 

As a Certified Public Accountant, Mr Al Katheeri possesses strong commercial acumen, specialising in financial procedures, working capital management, internal financial controls, and costing. His expertise is evaluating business operations and implementing innovative changes to enhance revenue growth, profitability, performance, and compliance. 

Mr Al Katheeri has a track record of delivering strategic financial advisory services to achieve business profitability goals, establish financial controls, and manage diverse accounting activities. He has Chaired and led several key committees, including the Chairman of the Procurement committee and Budget Committee, along with the Vice President of the Human Resource committee and Innovation committee. 

He is committed to enhancing stakeholder trust and transparency and improving commercial effectiveness through streamlined budgeting and forecasting processes. He has chaired and led various key committees, including the Procurement Committee and Budget Committee, demonstrating his leadership skills. 

His career journey has included roles at Premier Brains, General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA), Rabdan Academy, and Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET), where he consistently delivered exceptional financial management and reporting.

Laurent Ferry

Laurent Ferry brings a wealth of experience in the logistics and international transport industry, with an impressive career spanning 35 years, including 22 years abroad. He is recognised for his exceptional skills in sales development, team leadership, business development, sales, and marketing management at both country and regional levels. 

Currently serving as the General Manager UAE at Bolloré Logistics, Mr Ferry is pivotal in leading the company’s operations and ensuring its continued success. His extensive background and expertise make him a valuable asset in managing complex logistics challenges in the United Arab Emirates. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

Mr Ferry’s educational foundation in transport and logistics, complemented by his extensive hands-on experience, has positioned him as a dynamic and accomplished leader in the logistics industry. His ability to connect people and businesses and his strategic thinking and leadership skills continue to drive success as General Manager UAE at Bolloré Logistics. 

Mr Ferry’s career journey has been marked by impactful roles, reflecting his versatile skill set and leadership abilities. Prior to his current position, he served as Director at Radio Energie Asia, contributing to the growth and success of the organisation during his tenure. 

A significant portion of his career was spent at GEODIS, where he held various key positions, showcasing his ability to take on diverse responsibilities. His journey with GEODIS began as a Sales Director in India, where he was instrumental in shaping the company’s sales strategies and achieving remarkable results. He became General Manager for Sales and Marketing in the Asia Pacific region at GEODIS, where he played a vital role in expanding the company’s presence and driving growth in the region.  Later, as the Managing Director in Thailand, he demonstrated strong leadership and took ownership of the profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities, making strategic decisions that positively impacted the business.  

Prior to his international assignments, Mr Ferry gained valuable experience in his home country, France. He served as a Branch Manager at Setcargo International and played a pivotal role in export operations.

Dr. Jean-Michel Moriniere

Dr. Jean-Michel Moriniere brings over two decades of extensive experience as an international trade, insurance, and shipping lawyer. For the past 17 years, he has been a prominent figure in the legal landscape of the United Arab Emirates. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

Dr Moriniere is renowned for his diverse expertise, spanning various sectors, including academia, aviation, culture, defence, industry, logistics, oil and gas, transport, retail, and utilities. His in-depth knowledge extends to corporate and commercial law, insurance, shipping, and dispute resolution. Jean-Michel has successfully navigated contentious and non-contentious legal matters, crafting bespoke legal strategies and corporate solutions. 

His client portfolio encompasses governments, publicly listed companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Dr Moriniere is pivotal in guiding clients through intricate projects, negotiating commercial agreements, overseeing distribution and representation contracts, facilitating corporate arrangements and joint ventures, handling offsets insurance matters, and providing adept dispute resolution services. 

With experience establishing and auditing in-house legal functions for clients, Jean-Michel possesses an innate understanding of the client’s unique needs, enabling him to deliver pragmatic and timely solutions. 

Before joining Al Aidarous, Dr Moriniere held key positions at HBM Partners (formerly Honig Buffat Mettetal – HPMBC) and Clyde & Co in France and the UAE. In addition, he has lectured at several universities, including Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, and served as a delegate to various international organisations, including UNCITRAL and EU. 

Dounia Alsawaf

Dounia Alsawaf currently serves as the Head of Campus France UAE within the Cultural Department of the French Embassy to the UAE. With a passion for promoting French higher education, Dounia brings a wealth of experience to her role, making knowledge about the French education system accessible to students in the UAE. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

One of her key accomplishments is implementing the “Etudes en France” procedure in the UAE, a Ministry initiative to streamline the study plans of individuals applying to French universities. 

Dounia Alsawaf’s dedication to promoting French higher education extends to identifying talented UAE nationals and international students for prestigious scholarship opportunities offered by private companies. She provides comprehensive support throughout the administrative admission process, enabling students to secure admissions to top French higher education institutions.  

Ms Alsawaf oversees the issuance of authenticity certificates for French degree holders, enabling them to fulfil submission requirements at the UAE Ministry of Education and establish their professional presence in the region. She also plays a pivotal role in preparing the annual budget for Campus France actions, optimising resource allocation to achieve desired outcomes. 

In addition to her role at Campus France, Dounia Alsawaf has a rich background in education. She has taught French in various countries, including France, the Czech Republic, and the UAE. Her teaching experience spans diverse audiences, ranging from adults and teenagers to individuals in correctional facilities, fostering linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding. 

Ms Alsawaf’s commitment to promoting access to education, facilitating scholarship opportunities, and ensuring a seamless experience for students aspiring to study in France demonstrates her unwavering dedication to education. Her contributions continue to empower students in the UAE to pursue their academic aspirations in France.

Agnes Lopez Cruz

Agnes Lopez Cruz is an international expert in Management, Communication, and Business Development with over 20 years of experience across the UK, France, and the UAE. Her diverse career positions have played a vital role in the growth of the organisations she has been associated with.  

Currently serving as the Managing Director of CCI France UAE, Agnes plays a vital role in leading the organisation, ensuring its growth, and addressing the challenges faced by the French and local business communities in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region. Under her leadership, CCI France UAE has become the largest French, Francophone, and Francophile business community in the Middle East, representing over 800 members from small, mid-market, and large enterprises. 

Key Skills & Expertise 

Agnes has consistently led and provided creative ideas, innovative projects, and essential management support to board-level executives, contributing to achieving strategic objectives, sales targets, and service excellence.  

Agnes specializes in general management, encompassing marketing, sales, communication, business development, budget management, and lobbying. Her expertise extends to Change Management, where she has demonstrated her ability to optimise organisational structures, create dedicated departments, and enhance human skills. Her multifaceted skill set has made her a trusted professional in various business management domains. 

Agnes’ prior roles include serving as the Managing Director of the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates, where she played a crucial role in its growth and received the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award. Additionally, she served as the Executive Director of the same organisation. She demonstrated her leadership skills by managing a team, building relations, coordinating seminars and conferences, and actively lobbying on behalf of member firms.

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