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Welcome to a world where history meets the future at EM Normandie

As one of the oldest French Schools of Business and a proud member of the esteemed Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), EM Normandie’s roots trace back to 1871 when maritime visionaries Jules and Jacques Siegfried set out to create a hub of excellence, from its inaugural class of 26 in Le Havre, today EM Normandie thrives with over 7,000 global students, each driven to become the next generation of world-changers.

International Business Excellence

Our relentless pursuit of academic distinction is evident in our accolades. Not only do we reside in the prestigious 1% bracket of global business schools, but our name also gleams in the Financial Times 2022 list, ranking among the world’s Top 80 Business Schools.

EM Normandie is also in the Top 1% of triple-accredited business schools in the world. In France, only 18 Grandes Écoles hold the famous triple crown.

Strong International Presence

Spread across diverse cultural capitals—Le Havre, Caen, Paris, Oxford, Dublin, and the vibrant cityscape of Dubai—our presence is ever-expanding. With the horizon of Vietnam beckoning us in 2024 and an exciting foray into the Americas in 2025, our global footprint is set to grow. Binding this vast expanse is a robust alumni tapestry of over 26,000 luminaries shining bright in various spheres worldwide.

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EM Normandie is the first French Business School accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE to have its own campus in Dubai

In early 2023 , the School was awarded the “Higher Education Provider” institutional license issued by the UAE federal government’s Commission for Academic Accreditations (CAA). This licence authorises the school to provide training in the UAE, namely the Bachelor’s in International Management programme.

EM Normandie is also in the Top 1% of triple-accredited business schools in the world. In France, only 18 Grandes Écoles hold the famous triple crown and only .

The school’s programmes aim at training students to enter industries with high hiring needs, including logistics, IT project management, digital business, marketing, and sales.

To help students gain work-experience and enter the job market at the end of their course, the School is also developing partnerships with the regional economic network, including Alliance France, CCI France, the French Business Council, Dell, DHL, Google, Campus France, CMA-CGM and DP World.

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