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International Campuses

International at heart, EM Normandie is located in dynamic, cosmopolitan and atypical cities.

EM Normandie seamlessly blends its rich French heritage with an expansive global perspective. Spanning France, the UK, Ireland, and the UAE, the school presents a canvas of diverse cultural experiences, enriching academic pursuits, international exposures, career gateways, and dynamic student life.

Campuses in Le Havre, Caen, Paris, Oxford, Dublin, and Dubai sit at the nexus of thriving economic locales, echoing the EM Normandie commitment to excellence and holistic growth. Our journey continues, with anticipated campus inaugurations in Vietnam and Boston, USA.

Caen campus

Only 2 hours from Paris, Caen is known for its dynamic student life, its cultural venues and its famous student carnival, the largest in Europe. With its growing economic development and quality of life, the city of Caen has everything it takes to welcome students looking for a privileged study environment. 

Extended in 2006 to meet the standards of the best business schools, the Caen campus is located a few minutes by tram from the city centre, at the heart of a research and training centre. It has made territorial development, marketing and innovation its main areas of specialisation. In a city on a human scale, it is the ideal place to study, expand one’s network and take advantage of the richness of the community life.

Le Havre campus

Want to study on the waterfront? Only 2 hours from Paris, Le Havre is an international metropolis with one of the largest ports in Europe, but also a charming seaside resort in the city. Between land and sea, the city offers an ideal living environment to study and enjoy the coastline. 

The Le Havre campus is the place par excellence for specialisations linked to logistics, maritime and port activities and is also the totem of EM Normandie’s digital transformation. A 14,000 m² open and futuristic campus inaugurated in 2020 offering numerous training and living spaces, “full digital” and modular classrooms to encourage interaction and creativity.

Paris campus

In France’s leading student city, take advantage of the capital’s economic effervescence and enjoy an unparalleled social, cultural and sporting life. An international and cosmopolitan city par excellence, Paris is just like EM Normandie: open to the world, rich in cultural diversity, conducive to exchange and sharing.

Inaugurated in 2022, the Paris campus is ideally located at the gateway to Paris (17th arrondissement), in the heart of an urban area undergoing a complete overhaul in which more than 7,000 companies are located, including the headquarters of L’Oréal, Etam, Monoprix, SNCF, Amazon France, etc. With its resolutely modern architecture, its state-of-the-art facilities, its many work and student life areas and its eco-responsible design, this new campus designed by the famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte has everything to please!

Dublin campus

Dublin is an atypical, cosmopolitan and dynamic city, home of the GAFAs. The Dublin campus welcomes its students for a 100% English education in an environment full of tradition and energy.

The Dublin campus, which opened in 2017, is strategically located between the booming business centre and the city’s liveliest neighbourhoods, the ideal place to capture the atmosphere of this unusual city. On this campus, all courses are taught in English by native professors. The campus has made business and digital marketing its main areas of specialisation.

Oxford campus

Just a stone’s throw from the world’s oldest and most prestigious Anglo-Saxon university, the Oxford campus is located in a historic setting in the heart of the city and only 2 hours from London and its financial centre. 

Opened in 2014 as part of the British Study Centre, the campus is located close to the renowned University of Oxford. The campus is becoming an exceptional destination for students wishing to be taught entirely in English by native speakers. With its close proximity to London, the campus has made international law and fintech its main areas of specialisation.

Boston campus (2025)

Located 300 km from New York, its East Coast neighbour, Boston embodies academic excellence and lives to the rhythm of its students. With over 70 institutions, the city is home to more than 250,000 students from all over the world. This high concentration of universities contributes to the city’s dynamic, avant-garde atmosphere. 

This new campus, located within UMass Boston College of Management, a world centre for higher education and a major port on the East Coast of the United States, will open its doors at the start of the 2025 academic year. To date, more than 300 of the School’s students have spent a semester studying there.

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