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President’s Message

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Prof. Khaireddine Mouakhar

EM Normandie in the UAE

Offering innovative professional programmes and unique learning experiences to create a positive impact on a global level, are at the core of EM Normandie’s mission. These goals have enabled the School to occupy a prominent place in national and international rankings, to go beyond the borders of France and Europe, and to count on its academic and professional partners to support it in its global outreach.

In line with these objectives, EM Normandie is constantly working on innovative teaching methods, relying on high-level teaching staff to prepare students to become the leaders who will make a difference in the future.

The School is committed to placing its students at the centre of their personal development and professional success. Students will be at the heart of their learning via a permanent ‘Test and Learn’ approach. These immersive and interactive teaching methods are based on collaborative work between the Faculty and the EdTech department that pushes digital innovation. They also develop hard and soft skills by doing multiple internships and conducting Business Games and projects.

To facilitate future graduates’ integration in an ultra-competitive labour market, the School has been exploring synergies with the business world and earning trust from companies worldwide. In addition, the Career Path, unique among business schools, helps them define their professional project, give meaning to their learning experiences and bring their ambitions to life.

EM Normandie cultivates unique aspects and added values that help students achieve their goals through:

There is no single model for success. Our commitment is to help students throughout their educational journey and help them carve out their future career paths.

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