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Goals and objectives

Our Strategic Goals

At EM Normandie, our commitment transcends traditional academic boundaries. With a rich history and a progressive approach, our strategic objectives are tailored to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Our strategic blueprint is meticulously crafted to ensure that every student, faculty, and stakeholder associated with EM Normandie in the UAE is empowered, enlightened, and engaged.

Goal 1: Enhance a Sustainable Student Success and Employability

Advance the quality of teaching and learning, and the support services to further enhance student sustainable success and employability and provide EMN in UAE students a life-long experience they cannot get somewhere else.

Goal 2: Increase Innovative Research

Increase faculty, staff, and student innovative research works, with a focus on improving the curricula, the achievement of national goals, and impact the economy at the national and international levels.

Goal 3: Advance the Internationalization

Advance the academic and scientific exposure at the international level, with a focus on cooperation, faculty and student exchange, and international accreditations.

Goal 4: Enhance sustainability ecosystem and digital innovation

Contribute to the existing sustainability eco system in UAE and enhance digital innovation across industries and economy.

Goal 5: Broaden EMN in UAE Community Engagement

Increase EMN in UAE community engagement with a strong focus on continuous education, environmental issues, relationship with employers, educational providers, and alumni.

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