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We support students in their academic and research endeavours

The main function of the Learning center is to provide educational support for EMN in UAE, and in attempting to provide such support, the Learning center secures, catalogs, and makes available informational resources relevant to EMN in UAE curriculum. The operating Hours of the learning center are as follows:

Document facilities

Students at EM Normandie Business School in UAE will be using the EM Normandie France digital learning center. This Learning Center is run by a team of documentalists, qualified in documentation and business intelligence engineering.

The Learning Center provides essential information about documentary products and services thanks to an online portal.

Students are provided with access codes and a manual for accessing the digital resources before the beginning of classes. They are also trained by the library team on how to access, search for references, and use the portal.

Students and professors get access to digital resources via the Learning Center portal. Access is provided to resources via the digital learning center 24/7 for 365 days.

Some resources, selected by librarians on the Internet, are directly accessible online. Others, subscribed by EM Normandie Business School , require usernames and passwords provided by EM Normandie Business School.

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Smitha MANOJ
Learning Center Manager

These resources provide access to academic literature, including articles, proceedings of colloquiums and conferences, theses, research supervision accreditations (HDRs), etc.

These resources provide access to data and studies on companies or business sectors. These resources are particularly useful for business challenges and corporate placements.

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