European Commission Visits EM Normandie Dubai at Dubai Knowledge Park - EM Normandie Business School

European Commission Visits EM Normandie Dubai at Dubai Knowledge Park

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EM Normandie Dubai recently hosted a vibrant after-work networking event on February 15th, 2024, welcoming esteemed European business leaders to our campus. The event served as a valuable platform for fostering connections, exchanging insights, and exploring collaboration opportunities across industries.

Attendees were treated to insightful keynote speeches and engaging discussions on the latest industry trends and the importance of international cooperation. From supply chain logistics to digital marketing strategies, diverse topics were explored, reflecting the breadth and depth of expertise present at the event.

Building Bridges Across European Union and Dubai Education in the UAE

The networking session proved to be a highlight of the evening, offering attendees the chance to forge new connections and strengthen existing relationships. From casual conversations to more structured interactions, the atmosphere buzzed with energy as participants exchanged ideas and contact information.

As an institution committed to fostering international partnerships, EM Normandie Dubai was proud to collaborate with the European Commission in hosting this event. The presence of European business leaders underscored the significance of cross-border collaboration in driving innovation and growth in today’s globalized economy.

Empowering international students aiming to study in Dubai

Looking ahead, EM Normandie Dubai remains dedicated to providing valuable networking opportunities for our students, faculty, and partners. By facilitating connections and fostering collaboration, we aim to empower our community to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

The success of the after-work networking event highlights the value of collaboration and networking in driving business innovation and growth. As we continue to strengthen our ties with European business leaders and other global partners, EM Normandie Dubai looks forward to further opportunities for collaboration and growth. Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives as we work towards shaping the future of business education together.

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